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We believe in second chances. Maybe Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker will have theirs someday.

Don’t scoff at that notion. Now that Kate Moss has been named Britain’s Model of the Year, anything is possible.

The honor comes during a series of cocaine allegations that cost the model millions of dollars in contracts. She’s certainly made a recent comeback, but was it really award worthy?

Kate Moss Marries Jamie Hince
Photo via WENN

Moss, 32, won out over two other finalists, Erin O’Connor and Alek Wek, at the British Fashion Awards.

“Kate Moss is a fashion icon and without doubt one of the most prolific models in the industry,” the awards panel said in naming her the winner. “She has now been modeling for over 15 years and remains at the top of her game.”

The British Fashion Council refused to comment on the potential controversy, akin to how Moss herself has been mum on possibly marrying Pete Doherty in the near future.

Earlier in the year, Moss lost contracts with H&M, Chanel, Gloria Vanderbilt and Burberry after the Daily Mirror newspaper published photos of her allegedly using cocaine at a music studio.

After the pictures were published, Moss publicly apologized and went to a drug rehabilitation clinic in Arizona. But that wasn’t enough for those that think she didn’t deserve any awards this year.

“To me it’s baffling,” said Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos, speaking in Britain this week during an anti-drug campaign.

Even if she hadn’t won, Moss took take pride in her celebrity influence. Stars such as Nicole Richie have been lining up to look and act just like her.