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Supermodel Kate Moss intends to marry boyfriend Pete Doherty, according to the British singer himself.

Doherty, the lead singer of the band Babyshambles, was noticed by fans walking in central London’s Tottenham Court Road on Thursday at around 2 a.m., and was asked by one if he would wed Kate Moss.

Doherty’s reply: “Yeah, soon.”

Kate Moss Marries Jamie Hince
Photo via WENN

THG NOTE: Pete was walking around at 2 a.m. That means he was likely drunk and high out of his mind. So who knows what the story is today.

Recent reports in the British press have insinuated that Moss is pregnant with Doherty’s child, although sources close to her deny the claim.

Also putting a damper on pregnancy rumors: The fact that these two dry hump like rabbits. You can’t get pregnant that way, people!

Also, Moss was photographed on Tuesday night swigging from a mini champagne bottle at a masquerade ball in west London. But then again, this is PeteMoss. Would you put it past Kate to booze it up hard while with child? T.H. Gossip would not.

Moss, 32, and Doherty, 27, have been together on and off for more than a year. Their turbulent romance has been marked by Doherty’s repeated arrests for drug possession, as well as Moss’s being questioned by police after photographs were published of her snorting a white powder in a recording studio alongside Doherty.

Moss later apologized for her actions and underwent a stint in rehab. She has a 4-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, whose father is her ex-boyfriend, fashion magazine publisher Jefferson Hack. We’re sure he does good work, but that guy is — indisputably — a Hack journalist.


Anyway, insiders have hinted that an official announcement of an engagement is due on Friday. Fueling the Moss rumors, Doherty was seen in an Italian jewelry shop with Moss last week, and the model has since been photographed with a sparkler on her ring finger.

Still, her camp denies the marriage claims.

“No, there is no engagement,” a source close to Moss says.

This is a lot like the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding speculation… except that these two celebrities are far more coked-up and pathologically weird.