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Perhaps Snoop Dogg was glad he received some time in the slammer recently. It helped him extend his client base.

For what, you may wondering?

His pimped out, canine clothing line, of course.

Snoop Dogg on The View

Snoop Dogg wants your pup to join the Dogg Pound.

And the rapper should have no shortage of clients, as numerous celebrities such as Jessica Biel make time for their four-legged best friends.

There’s competition, however. The awful dog owned by Paris Hilton may choose to be adorned with clothing from the likes of the Notorious D.O.G. (pictured), for example.

Who knows what products rappers will endorse next. Maybe “Gin ‘n Juice” boxes for kids? Calm down, Jayden James Federline, that was a joke.

Either way, Snoop has more holiday offerings for fans. His new record, “Tha Blue Carpet Treatment,” drops next week. We assume he misspelled one of those words on purpose.

He always has admired the parents of Rachael Ray for their forwaerd thinking.