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Then again, knowing Paris as we do, we doubt it was really a sleep over. Probably more of a sleep under … sleep from behind-er … sleep reverse cowgirl-er …

The shocking turn of events took place on November 7. Reports from Life & Style Weekly say Harry Morton – the ex of Lindsay Lohan – spent the night at Hilton’s place. And the firey, loose redhead was none too pleased about it.

Lohan confronted her nemesis the next night at the L.A. club, Teddy’s, reports the magazine, which quotes a friend as saying that although the two are not currently dating, “Lindsay still loves Harry, and this is devastating her.”

Carter Reum, Wife
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Of course, Paris Hilton is said to be smitten.

“Harry is Paris’s type of guy,” said a source. “He’s handsome and rich!”

However, Lohan might be getting in a tizzy for nothing, according to a “pal” of Morton, who says he’s not really into Paris. But that’s not true, of course. Everyone who meets Paris gets into her.

At least Lindsay can rely on the tiny shoulders of new friend Ashlee Simpson for support.