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What we learned last night on the season finale of Laguna Beach was, not shockingly, that graduation is a sad affair. A lot of people said so. Over and over again. This is as much a function of high school as of being on camera. Teenagers live in a high school bubble that’s both sad and hard to leave. Even Kristin Cavallari got weepy over it last season.

As for this year’s biatches, even Cami and Kyndra spell out precisely what they’re thinking — that graduation is, like, so sad!


“It’s so hard,” Kyndra whined.

Meanwhile, Rocky was, as usual, strangely wise when assessing graduation and its impact on her relationship with Alex.

“There’s no point to like be together through summer if it’s just gonna end,” the unbelievably cute Rocky (pictured, real name: Raquel Donatelli) told her mom while discussing her relationship with Alex.

“I know you’re worried,” said Mom, who’s a sweetheart herself. “And I don’t wanna see your little heart get broken, that’s for sure.”

Eerily both less and more sensitive was Kyndra.

“If you don’t cry, I’m gonna kill you,” she told Cameron as they started their touching slide show of the seniors’ childhood pics. “I’ll punch you so you, like, start crying.”

Cameron, in one of several heart-to-hearts with Kelan that indicated the two were actually way closer than we knew, expressed that he is sincerely bummed about the seniors leaving, and having to start over in college. As he helped Kelan pack for San Diego State, we saw a side of the meathead we never knew existed. He seems like a good friend.

A bunch of other convenient plot tie-ups happened after that. The awkward Breanna Conrad (sister of Lauren Conrad) wrote a make-up letter to Rocky, Chase and Tessa had a final subtext-laden conversation before he left to record his new album in L.A. Oh, yes, and Cameron called Jessica Smith one last time after feeling surprisingly lonely.

And so it was that we had our final dramatic moment of the night

Everyone’s like moving on to like bigger and better things… You’re like one of my best friends. You are.

JESSICA: Thanks.

CAMERON: You know like usually after like people are like together and then, like, they’re like not together anymore?

JESSSICA: Yeah, they don’t talk.

CAMERON: It’s awkward. You like don’t wanna be around that person and stuff. It’s like, it’s really weird.

JESSICA: It was fun though.

CAMERON: I don’t know. History repeats itself. What, why are you giving me the look, man?

JESSICA: Not in our case.

CAMERON: C’mon now. Do you think you’d like turn into my girlfriend?

The answer seemed to be no. But you never know with these girls.

“I will have a girlfriend,” Cameron later told Chase, who he was also better buds with than previous episodes revealed. “But I’m not gonna like settle down to a girlfriend until I meet someone where I’m just like, ‘I’m so lucky to be with this chick. If she breaks up with me, like I’m gonna be bummed for like a year.'”

Sometimes, our Laguna Beach kids are startlingly astute. And while there was some more about Rocky and Alex staying together, which was actually really sweet, as he cares about her a lot, even through is utter lack of communication skills, Cameron’s deep thoughts seem an appropriate way to end the season. So we will.