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T.H. Gossip is proud to bring you a statistical update on Kevin Federline’s much-anticipated (and hated) debut album, Playing With Fire, which has sold fewer than 2,000 copies to date.

Awesome work. Here’s how K-Fed’s album sales shake out, in relative terms:

K. Fed as a Dad
  • Approximately 31 million fewer than his estranged wife, Britney Spears, has sold over the course of her career.
  • Approximately 8 million fewer than Ashlee Simpson’s career sales.
  • Approximately 500,000 fewer than Paris Hilton‘s debut CD sold.

Yes, he’s getting absolutely massacred by his wife and two hoes who can’t sing – one of whom actually doesn’t even sing on her own records or in person. That’s not a good sign for Kev’s music career. Or for humanity, seeing that 8 million people actually exchanged currency for a f*%king Ashlee Simpson album. You know who you are. Get help.

Yet he keeps trying, you have to give him that. Over the weekend, K-Fed graced the Las Vegas hotspot TAO with an entourage that rolled 10 deep. This collection of losers including his brother Chris Federline (above), his bodyguard, Leor the Jeweler, and others.

While K-Fed’s impending divorce is surely weighing on his (small) mind, Chris gave him an affectionate hug to show suppor. Perhaps C-Fed was just making sure nothing happened to the four-karat diamond earrings K sported. Watch for those things on eBay soon, losers!

Sources say that the studiously un-thugged-out Federline had some dinner before heading up to a VIP lounge to take in the atmosphere. As far as how the hell Kevin Federline qualifies as any sort of VIP at this point, we can’t say. Enjoy it while it lasts, you douche.