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It’s not just a sad day for Snoop Dogg, it’s a troubling week for Miss America 2006, Jennifer Berry, as well.

No, the beauty wasn’t arrested, but she did undergo surgery for undisclosed reasons and spent the night in a North Carolina hospital, a pageant official confirmed Tuesday.

Jennifer Berry is a Tulsa native and former student at the University of Oklahoma. She was visiting family and friends in North Carolina on Saturday when she was admitted for surgery at Rex Hospital in Raleigh.

Because she was released the next day, we hope and assume it wasn’t serious.

We also commend Berry for being honest about any procedure, unlike a certain celebrity named Ashlee Simpson.

“I spoke to her today, and she’s in wonderful spirits,” said Sharon Pearce, a spokeswoman for the Miss America Organization in Atlantic City.

“Although it was necessary to cancel some of her appearances this week, we are hopeful that she will return to work to fulfill her responsibilities as Miss America 2006 and continue the wonderful work that has marked her year of service.”

Amen. It should be noted that those responsibilities contribute more to society than anything Nicole Richie has ever done.