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The question in England is no longer whether or not Prince William and Kate Middleton will break up, it’s whether they will stay together. Forever.

Now into their fifth year as an absurdly attractive couple, Will and Kate have lately seemed so snuggly that the engagement gossip is getting as hot as a pot of Earl Grey, reports People magazine.

The relationship appears a lot more solid than that of K-Fed and Kendra Jade.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

On Sunday, it was even reported that Kate has been invited to the Queen’s country retreat Sandringham to join the entire Windsor clan for Christmas Day lunch — an unprecedented honor for an unmarried partner of a royal and essentially tantamount to an engagement.

Our guess is that Heather Mills has not exactly received the same sort of invitation at any point.

So just how close is Will to popping the question? Those in the know at Buckingham Palace say no one is ordering “Save the Date” cards just yet and insist Kate isn’t being formally groomed for the future.

“There are no people advising her or preparing her for anything,” says one palace insider. “She is going about her private life as a private individual.”

But not for long. These kids seemed more destined to be together than Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. Then again, so does most of the free world.