It's Okay: Prince William, Kate Middleton Make Up

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We understand where Reese Witherspoon is coming from.

There's a good chance her husband, Ryan Phillippe cheated on her with Abbie Cornish. Of course you kick your man to the curb for that.

Kate Middleton Dress

But, come on Kate Middleton, patience and understanding are required when you're next in line to be Queen of England.

Fortunately, Middleton has come to her soon-to-be royal senses and taken Prince William back after he reportedly enjoyed a drunken make-out session with another woman. The couple has been dating for four years.

According to British reports, Kate decided to take back her allegedly promiscuous prince after having a serious heart-to-heart with her mom. Now, things in England can go back to normal.

In other words: Heather Mills can hog the spotlight once more.

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