Nicole Richie Denies Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Nicole Richie is denying speculation that she underwent gastric bypass surgery and then later had the operation reversed.

As for who was speculating that, we're not sure. Probably the same people who thought Britney Spears' newest offspring, Jayden James, was actually named Sutton Pierce. Morons.

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Apparently, rumors began spreading this week after the New York Post ran a blind item claiming a "Hollywood starlet" had gastric bypass surgery, but after losing too much weight, went in to have the gastric band removed.

The star's rep says that reports linking DJ AM's ex-fiancee to the rumor are "ridiculous."

"It is not Nicole," her publicist said. "There are a ton of 'Hollywood starlets.'"

She's probably right. There are a ton of stars, and Nicole isn't one of them.

Richie's thinness has certainly been the subject of much debate, however. She had dropped to around 90 pounds, making her extremely thin. Like an alien man-goblin, perhaps. Last month she decided to undergo diagnostic treatment for a bunch of eating disorders inability to put on weight. Then she bailed on rehab to go shopping.

As for Richie's reality series, The Simple Life, in which she stars along with Paris Hilton, production on the new season was slated to begin last week but was put on hold while she underwent treatment for her condition. Now, however, the green light is on.

"Nicole has informed us she's ready to work, and we're looking at a calendar to see what works best for all," the show's spokesman told New York's Daily News.

Hopefully they don't mean a calendar of Nicole Richie pictures. Because that would be straight up gross. Yuck. Even more so than a nude Courtney Love calendar.

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