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What’s Sacha Baron Cohen to do? Is it his fault his alter ego, Borat, doesn’t grasp American customs?

According to an etiquette teacher who appears in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, someone must pay for the faux journalist’s hijinks. She’s filed a complaint claiming she was fooled into appearing in the film.

In the movie, Cindy Streit, who owns the Birmingham, Ala.-based Etiquette Training Services, appears in a dinner party with Borat; at one point, he hands her a plastic bag supposedly filled with feces.

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Streit says she was contacted by a production company about filming a segment with an “international guest from Belarus Television.”

She said she arranged for Borat to attend a dinner party with her friends, which went smoothly until he asked to use the bathroom.

“I had taught him to excuse himself. He did that correctly and went upstairs,” Streit said. “The next thing that happened is that he came down the stairs holding this plastic bag with whatever was in it.”

It could be worse, Cindy. You could look like Owen Wilson.

Streit, who has hired Amber Frey attorney Gloria Allred, said she filed a complaint Thursday with California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, requesting an investigation into possible violations of the California Unfair Trade Practices Act.

This suit sounds like it has as much merit as the existence of a Britney Spears sex tape. Sorry, David Hans Schmidt.