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The show is called Grey’s Anatomy.

Based on Us Weekly’s Hot Bodies Poll, however, perhaps it should be called Izzie’s Anatomy instead.

How come? Because actress Katherine Heigl – who portrays Izzie Stevens on the ABC hit – possesses one of the best bodies in Hollywood, according to the poll’s rating system. She earned a stellar 6.8.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: A Picture
Photo via AFP via Getty Images

In comparison, Scarlett Johansson could only muster a 5.8

Other females that apparently know how to work what God gave them include Tyra Banks (6.2) and former Friends star, Jennifer Aniston (6.9). We have no idea what the numbers are based on … but ranking people is fun!

Meanwhile, men have sexy bods, too. And none more than Aniston’s ex, according to Us. Brad Pitt scored a 6.6.

Finally, it appears as though tattoos and body piercings don’t make for a beautiful physique: Dave Navarro is stuck with a 4.4.

Of course, he’s had a lot of sex with Carmen Electra. So it’s possible these rankings are meaningless.

Or Navarro just has a winning personality.