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First, a press conference. Now, an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Borat is everywhere.

Let’s hear what the personality created by Sacha Baron Cohen had to say recently:

Are your friends and family treating you differently now that you’re a big Hollywood movie star?
BORAT: They has start to asking me for favours. My mother want a pretty hat, my 12 year old son, Hooeylewis, want eat beef jerky and my 11 year old son, Bilak, want to do a sexytime with Lindsay Lohans. Of course, these has not all be possible, but I am hope soon to find the hat for my mother.

Sacha Baron Cohen Image

What are the best perks that have come with fame so far?
There has been many perk of be in this moviefilm – example I can now get table at Almaty McDonalds with as little as 2 month notice. The wait time is normal 4 years. Also, along with OJ Simpsons and our glorious leader, Premier Nazarbayev, I was one of judge on hit TV show, ‘Kazakhstan’s Next Top Prostitute’. I give decision for ‘Best Grip of Small Hole’ round. Hi-Five!

What is the first thing you plan to buy once the big checks start coming in?
I am hope very much to make purchase of latest recordings from chocolate face Michael Jackson, ‘Beat It,’ on brand new format, compact cassette.

Which Hollywood star have you met who you were most excited about? Who would you most like to meet?
I recent meet beautiful popular musicstar, Madonna, in Hollywood outside Chinese Theatre. She let me take photograph for 5 US dollar and say that for another ten she would give me mouth party in parking lot across street.

The Kazakh government has shut down your website and threatened to sue Sacha Baron Cohen for defaming the people of Kazakhstan. What do you say in response?
Firstly I am respectable, professional journalist and I will not be drawn into mudslingings with anyone – especially not a Jew. Second, I would like thank the glorious Premier of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, for recent travel to Washingtons to support me and promote this moviefilm.

How is Kazakh humor different from American humor?
In Kazakhstan we still find very funny actor Robin Williams. Especial his new movie ‘Womanman Doubtfires’.

What do you say to people who charge that your movie is particularly offensive to Jews?
Yes. Is a good observations. Thank you very much.

Borat sure knows how to make Mel Gibson proud, doesn’t he?