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Anna Nicole Smith may not be fit to live in the Bahamas, but don’t worry: she is fit to go on national TV and act all broken up about the death of her son, Daniel.

The terrible looking gold digger has broken her silence about the Sept. 10 death the 20-year old in the Nassau hospital room where he was visiting her and his 3-day-old half-sister, Dannielynn Hope.

In a series of interviews scheduled to begin airing Nov. 2 on Entertainment Tonight, an emotional Smith says of her son, “I don’t understand why God took him and didn’t take me.”

She also says Dannielynn “looks like Daniel,” which is supposed to make us feel sad, we guess. But we glance at an Anna Nicole Smith picture and she looks like an attention-starved liar.

So forgive our lack of sympathy.

“She seemed calmer, sadder, a bit broken, yet she looked quite beautiful,” ET reported, Mark Steines said.

He added that Smith beams when playing with her daughter and is gracious when introducing him to the man she calls her husband: her lawyer and confidante, Howard K. Stern.

“If I didn’t have Howard, or my baby, I wouldn’t be here,” Smith said.
Steines seemed more understanding than we are when talking about Anna Nicole: “This is not just a controversial, misunderstood woman, this is a mother who has lost a child.”

True. But she also sold the last pictures of that child alive to magazines for $600,000. It’s the sort of capitalistic move that Ivanka Trump might be proud of, but we scoff at.