Anna Nicole Smith Not Fit to Live in Bahamas; Earth Residency Also Questioned

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Is it any surprise Anna Nicole Smith has already been ordered to vacate her Bahamas home by October 31? Of course not.

The only shocker is why the planet earth hasn't given the ugly gold digger a similar command.

Playboy Bunny

Hubert Ingraham, head of the main opposition Free National Movement and a former prime minister, called upon the government on Wednesday to look into Smith's legal residency status in the Bahamas, where her son died three days after she gave birth to a daughter in the country.

"Clearly, Anna Nicole Smith is not a fit and proper person to become a permanent resident of the Bahamas," Ingraham said of the 38-year-old former Playboy model.

"Her general character and reputation don't commend her for such status."

Way to go, Bahamas! Why can't the U.S. come out with such statements? Would we miss celebrities such as Brooke Hogan so much?

The law in the Bahamas states that a person owning a house valued at more than $500,000 and having the means to reside without being employed â€" and being of good character â€" can be eligible for residency.

"If she doesn't own the house, then she would not have met the policy conditions which the government of the Bahamas has with respect to the grant of permanent residence," Ingraham said of Smith.

G. Ben Thompson, a Myrtle Beach, S.C., developer, says he owns the property in New Providence where Smith has been staying. He told People magazine he purchased the house for slightly than $1 million in August as a favor to Smith, whom he befriended after he met her through neighbors in mid-2005.

Right, he "befriended her." And Travis Barker "befriended" Paris Hilton.

However, Wayne Munroe, a Bahamian lawyer for Smith, told the AP that Smith owns the home: "I've physically seen the document that showed the property being conveyed to her."

Of course, if Anna Nicole does return to the U.S., Jessica Simpson will have competition for biggest boobs in Hollywood. Smith will also have to deal with the tiny, nagging issue of who is actually the father of her baby.

Our money is on Peter Sarsgaard.

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