Purchase Your Hilary Duff Barbie Today!

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It looks like Hilary Duff will designing outfits for the smallest blonde in Hollywood.

And, no, we're not talking about Nicole Richie.

Hilary Duff Pregnant Photo

The singer/actress has collaborated with Mattel to create a line of clothes for the most popular doll in the country: Barbie. Such a collection features 11 outfits, including denim pieces, accessories and even faux fur.

Yes, even PETA would support this cause.

The ensembles are broken up into two categories, sweet and rocker, which "reflect Hilary's personal style."

This isn't Duff's first foray into the fashion biz. She has a fashion label, Stuff by Hilary Duff, and earlier this year she guest edited an issue of Seventeen magazine. She also pitched in for Katrina relief.

In other words: this is a teen star that doesn't just party. It is plausible, Lindsay Lohan.


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