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Note to female celebrities: Just because you own vocal cords doesn’t mean you need to record an album.

Following news that Scarlett Johansson is releasing an album in the near future – although she can reportedly carry a beautiful tune – another woman not known for her stage presence is hoping to do the same.

Sadly, it’s the extraordinarily thin Nicole Richie. The wanna-be actress is also a wanna-be singer, as she plans on following in her father Lionel’s musical footsteps.

Nicole Richie Book Cover

“My whole goal in life is to be a singer,” Richie said. “I really feel I am just starting in life, there are so many chapters coming up.”

And so few of them involve sitting down for a meal.

Riche said her father has given her advice in the area, at least some of which would center around avoiding the fate of enemy/friend, Paris Hilton.

That awul socialite’s album has barely moved on the charts. Nicole’s weight-gaining attempts have been more successful. Actually, that’s not true.

Here’s the question, fans: what non-singer will release an album next? We’d vote for Brooke Hogan, but apparently she’s classified as a “singer” for some reason.