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Even those hot and young can be caught off guard sometimes.

Beyoncé Knowles believed a few fans had won a meal with her in an eBay auction, but was shocked to learn those she went to dinner with were actually representatives from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They had a few bones – and pieces of fur – to pick with the singer/actress.

According to E!, one activist opened with the following ice-breaker:

Beyonce Premiere Pic

“Beyoncé, many of your fans would like to know why you don’t care about how minks, foxes, and chinchillas are gassed, strangled, and electrocuted for vanity and if you might have it in your heart to recognize that fur is not only cheap and tacky but also horribly cruel.”

It is, however, quite bootylicious. Not amused, the PETA representative also reportedly brought out a portable DVD player and showed the diva footage of animals being trapped, drowned, and electrocuted for their pelts.

For whatever reason, Beyonce preferred not to check on the situation. She refused to respond to the animal-lovers’ interrogations and asked members of her entourage to handle the unwelcome, misguided, insane guests. Eventually, the PETA people were given the leather boot.