Movie Teaches Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Important Life Lessons

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It's not easy to keep it real. While Jennifer Lopez is always aiming for her true self, sometimes you need a movie to show you what's important.

Thank goodness for El Cantante in that case.

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The film stars J-Lo and husband, Marc Anthony. The latter says he'll play it safe now that he's researched the downward spiral of the late Puerto Rican salsa legend Hector Lavoe.

"He painted this clear picture of what you could be if you put your mind to it, but how painful a life you could live if you made the wrong choices," Anthony said.

And to think, Lopez almost married Ben Affleck instead.

Anthony kicked off a concert in San Juan over the weekend and admitted to feeling a personal connection to Lavoe, who rose to the heights of stardom by bringing salsa to the U.S. â€" only to fall into drug addiction and die in 1993 at age 46.

The project began five years ago, when Lavoe's widow approached Lopez with a script and asked that the star play her in the movie.

"Once I read the script, I knew there was something about their life, the relationship they had, that was compelling to watch," said the actress/singer.

We assume such discussion of the movie helped J-Lo feel better about the fact that her booty has been replaced by that of Beyonce as the best in Hollywood.

Getting back to work in the studio should also help to distract Lopez. Her next project is a Spanish-language album which Anthony is producing. She says it also offers reflections on life.

"It just talks about maybe I've rushed, maybe I've made mistakes ... but you know my only sin is that I was loving the way a woman loves," Lopez said.

That seems harmless enough, right? Especially when you consider the sins of someone like Kristen Cavallari, who's had lots and lots of pre-marital sex.

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