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What could be better than Lindsay Lohan taking a year off from Hollywood? Well, nothing.

But thinking she was being asked for an autograph, when she was actually being served with a subpeona? That’s up there.

Lindsay and Bader Image

The incident took place at the Annual American Cinematheque Awards, honoring George Clooney, Friday. To make it even better, it all went down on the red carpet!

Lohan was approached by a woman she assumed was an autograph seeker. on her way out of the event. Reportedly, she said:”You’re my first autograph!” to which the woman promptly answered: “You’ve been served.”

(Here, go read about Eva Longoria while we try and stop laughing from this encounter.)

According to witnesses, Lindsay then dropped the paperwork and chased after the process server. Apparently she thought the woman might wanna hook up.

The lawsuit involves Dina Lohan, who is being sued for fraud, theft, and violation of contract. The suit, filed in Las Vegas, claims Mama Lohan signed a contract with Antonio Almeida and Mitchell Chait authorizing them to manage Lindsay’s music career and record her album.

But then – alledgedly – Dina dumped the two managers and signed her daughter with Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records, who in turn produced Lindsay’s two albums. The suit seeks tens of thousands of dollars for cash the producers say they loaned to the Lohans.

We’d recommend they ask Harry Morton for some money – but he dumped Lohan’s crotch of fire last month.