George Clooney, Supposed Serial Dater, Has Paparazzi Plan

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Maybe George Clooney isn't running for president. But that doesn't mean the actor lacks grand plans.

He's about to become a serial dater.

"Here is my theory on debunking photographs in magazines, you know, the paparazzi photographs," Clooney said to Vanity Fair for its November issue. "I want to spend every single night for three months going out with a different famous actress."

George Clooney at the TCAs

Explaining his plan, he continued, "You know, Halle Berry one night, Salma Hayek the next, and then walk on the beach holding hands with Leonardo DiCaprio."
We assume he's joking. But Clooney could probably pull it off.

The effect, he hypothesizes is that "people would still buy the magazines, they'd still buy the pictures, but they would always go, 'I don't know if these guys were putting us on or not.'"
On a more serious note, Clooney has many good things to say about fellow performers.

"I will tell you right now â€" (Cate Blanchett) will win the Oscar," he says of his co-star in the upcoming The Good German. "She's the best actor working today. Not actress, she's an actor. Intimidating, in a way, to work with an actor that good."

Moreover, Johnny Depp "just keeps doing really good stuff. He's just a really, really smart and good actor."

Last year's Best Supporting Actor winner reserves his highest praise for Clive Owen, however. He deems the intsense star as "the big find in the past two or three years. … I think he's a movie star. He's, like, a man â€" there's a sexuality and a masculinity that I think is really interesting."

Does this mean Clooney and Owen may appear, hand in hand, on a magazine cover in the near future? You never know. If James Blunt can snag Petra Nemcova, almost any pairing seems possible.

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