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All Hollywood stars take vacations from time to time. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were recently spotted around New York, for example.

But could it really be possible that the worst of all Hollywood stars (keep trying for that honor, Brooke Hogan) will soon be taking an extended break from the spotlight?

Yes, Lindsay Lohan is begging for more pity from her tumultuous year, as she teases us all with talk about going away. Evidently, the break-up with Harry Morton and the constant partying is getting to the terrible actress.

Lindsay and Bader Image

“I might take a vacation, take a year off,” said Lohan.”I want to travel and learn more about other cultures. The more I’ve grown up, the more I want to do that.”

By “cultures,” the 20-year old obviously means “men from other countries.” Russell Crowe may wanna warn his boys down under that a firecrotch is headed their way.

Meanwhile, we just wanna know if Lindsay needs any plane fare. The Gossip will gladly put together a collection plate.