Kevin Federline Has Gas (and is Pumped)!

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Be careful, gas pump. Knowing K-Fed's history of pumping things, you may end up pregnant.

Man, can his boys swim!

Go Get 'Em Champ

Come to think of it, it's hilarious to see Kevin Federline pump gas into a Ferrari. Were it not for Britney Spears, he would probably be pumping gas into a Ford Tempo. Or other people's cars. Working at a gas station. Okay, we're done.

Despite stating repeatedly that he is working on a rap career and would like to be thought of separately from Britney when it comes to music. However, he still had his wife record a track for his new CD and has had the perpetually pregnant pop princess work every possible angle to help peddle his album.

Kevin is quite something, that's for sure. If Jayden James Federline could understand what's going on here, he'd request to be placed in foster care.

Still, as much as he would like to separate himself from Brit, K-Fed has no problem keeping tight with her cash.

But to his credit, he did earn some nice paychecks from getting his ass kicked on Monday Night Raw. And at least he's more adept at the gas pump than Oprah.


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