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Tara Reid regrets her recent boob job because it left a lot of scarring on her cleavage.

The terrible actress also regrets her break-up with TV personality Carson Daly because it left a lot of scarring on her heart.

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The couple dated and were briefly engaged in 2000 and 2001 before they separated. Now, the American Pie star admits she’ll always lament the pair didn’t give romance more of a chance.

“I think, `Well yeah, if I would have married Carson, I’d probably have kids by now … I wouldn’t have had all that crazy partying,” Reid said. “My life would have been completely different.”

That’s probably the same way Shar Jackson feels about Kevin Federline.

Fortunately, Reid has perspective on life now:

“But, you know what? If that was meant to happen, it would have … but I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved him.”

Daly, of course, also dated Jennifer Love Hewitt for awhile. Then, he fell off the face of the earth – only to resurface with a hosting gig every New Year’s Eve.

Maybe he spends all day online, trying to track down Jessica Simpson. Lord knows we certainly will now.