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Petra Nemcova may be a super model, but she’s merely a mediocre date. At least when you compare costs.

A couple of Wall Street traders entered into a bidding war over the girlfriend of James Blunt, with the winner shelling out $21,000 for dinner with the beauty, The sum will be donated to to the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity that helps children who have suffered in natural disasters.

We admire the cause, but are surprised at the result. A few months ago, Jessica Biel fetched $30,000 in a date auction, with the proceeds benefitting the victim of a car accident in Colorado.

Then, Eva Longoria set the bar almost impossibly high, as the Desperate Houswives star garnered a $100,000 bid for her charitable date.

Is Blunt really so frightening that bidders were afraid to bid on the model? We doubt it. Nevertheless, how much would you pay to date a gorgeous celebrity?

And could anyone pay you enough to put up with Lindsay Lohan for a night?