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It’s unlikely his movie will flop, but just in case, Borat has a back-up plan.

At Wednesday’s London premiere of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, the bumbling, faux journalist told reporters about his grand plan.

“I have come here with Bilak, my 11 year old son, his wife and their child, and we are hoping maybe to put some chocolate make-up on the child’s face and sell him to Madonna. I am hoping that Madonna will be a very good father for it.”

Madonna Looks Contemplative in 2020

The Material Mother, meanwhile, was on Oprah Winfrey today, blaming the media for making such an issue out of her recent adoption. “

“Shame on you for discouraging other people from doing the same thing,” she said.
Of course, if Mads doesn’t want another child, Borat has other backup plans: Ice maker, gypsy catcher or animal sperm collector, specializing in camels.

The last of which, naturally, is how Linsday Lohan spends her Wednesday nights.