Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl Receive Death Threats

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Lance Bass
is out of the closet.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean he's out of trouble yet.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer Photo

The Former *N Sync star and his boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, have been the target of threats from, as Lehmkuhl puts it, "people who do not want me to be so public and expose what is going on in the military."

Justin Timberlake and other celebrities have been supporting of Bas, but it may be Lehmkuhl that's had a more difficult time. He recently published a book about keeping his sexual identity secret while serving in the Air Force and since then has had to "be very protective."

Lehmkuhl said he and Bass have forwarded threats, which aren't specified, to private security personnel and have even informed the FBI about some of the more serious menaces.

"Everything is being covered so we feel safe," he said.

The story proves that being gay in Hollywood, as Bass or Ellen DeGeneres could tell you, isn't a big deal. At least not compared to the armed forces.