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The incomparable Britney Spears has reportedly given birth to her second child, a boy, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, TMZ tells T.H. Gossip. While there hasn’t been an official confirmation from her camp, numerous sources are offering up information as to how the happy occasion went down.

According to a source, Britney checked in to the hospital under an assumed name — using the first name Pebbles — last evening. The baby, delivered by Cesarean section, was cranked out shortly after 2:00 a.m., weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs., 11 oz. Sean Preston‘s new little brother is reportedly 19 inches long, or about 16 inches longer than K-Fed’s… career? Clank.

One source indicates that Britney deliberately led everyone to believe it was a girl but always knew she was having a boy. Weak. Other reports say she was trying to time this one so that it had the same birthday as Sean P. But it looks like she f–ked that up, since he was born last September 14.

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Suckers. Spears and deadbeat husband Kevin Federline, who originally reported that the baby was due on Halloween, are planning to renew their wedding vows during their anniversary on September 18. Guess they wanted the little dude to be present outside the womb. Good times.

This marks the birth of Federline’s fourth child. A former backup dancer who can’t dance and current aspiring rapper who can’t rap, K-Fed also has a four-year-old girl, Kori, and a two-year-old son, Kaleb, from his previous relationship with Shar Jackson. As usual, you can count on the sleuths at T.H. Gossip to keep you up to date on the birth of the newest Spears Federline offspring as more details become available.