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Could The Hollywood Gossip be next?

Perez Hilton, the celebrity blogger that has grown almost as famous as the spoiled stars he covers, recently received a photo spread in Who magazine.

Perez Hilton Says Some Things

In the interview, Perez talks about a reality show he has in the works (Lord, help us), along with his ongoign feud with Nicole Richie (which started when he said she had “zombie hands”).

We don’t begrudge this guy his right to earn a buck and enjoy his living, but we do take issue with two things:

  1. He’s friends with Paris Hilton
  2. There’s no news on his site! Sure, you can check out some doctored celebrity photos – but you’ll rarely receive an actual scoop.

Hopefully, loyal readers, you know where to turn when you crave the latest gossip regarding Dustin Diamond sex tapes and Brangelina babies.