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When you name yourself after a promiscuous waste of space celebrity, what happens when that individual breaks the law and endangers fellow motorists?

You ignore morality and defend her, of course.

So is the case of gossip-monger, attention-starved Perez Hilton.

Carter Reum, Wife
(Getty Images)

The man (pictured with the felon, left) and his website came to the aid of Paris Hilton by backing up the drunkard’s story that she only had a single margarita before being pulled over for drunk driving this week.

What Paris and close pal, Perez, fail to point out, however, is this: who cares?!? She registered a .08 blood-alcohol level, above the legal limit in California. That figure exists because it’s proven that people reaching it are intoxicated and display poor reflexes/judgment while driving.

Reiterating that Hilton had a single drink proves only one thing: she’s a harlot AND a light weight.

Don’t get us wrong, Perez, we’re all for the Firecrotch shirt and anti-Lindsay Lohan sentiment, but show an ounce of journalistic integrity please. Call out your idol when she messes up.

We’ll be the first to do so if Britney Spears ever stops looking ugly.