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You want the truth about Jack Nicholson’s sex life? According to Rolling Stone, readers, you can actually handle it. So there!

The 69-year old, multi-time Oscar-winner sat down with the magazine and almost made its recent John Mayer interview seem tame.

Jack’s famous, wide smile is on the cover, as the most well-respected actor of his generation talks about his sex life with more candid quotes than Lindsay Lohan at the annual Firecrotch convention.

Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks
(Les Archives du 7ème Art)

Among the Nicholson nuggets:

  • He can’t remember the word “monogamous” when asked about his dating haibts
  • He claims to have never bought a condom
  • His sexual partners have ranged in age from 21 to 69. In the last year.

“I do like company when I have it. That’s always exhilarating,” Nicholson said. “I’m unattached for quite a while so I have varied company.”

Hey, Jack, who says you need to be unattached to keep varied company? Just ask Jude Law.