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We’ve seen this before. Stephen Colbert takes time away from his hit Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report, and tackles the real issues on everyone’s mind.

A couple weeks ago, the political comedian put various awful people celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan, “On Notice.” Who has caught his judgmental eye this time around? Take a gander:

It’s hard to argue with most of these selections. Brody Jenner really does need to be careful, now that Kristin Cavallari claims she’s over him. That’s when they strike, dude!

The Hollywood Gossip

As for a few othes on the list:

  • Be way, Chicago. Aside from the impending September swoon of the White Sox, Ashlee Simpson and her fake everything are coming to town.
  • For everyone else, there’s no calming way to put this: life insurance scams could be coming to a policy near you! Watch your back, as well as your heart beat.
  • Halloween, meanwhile, may soon be overshadowed. The holiday needs to make back-up plans now that Kevin Federline has announced October 31 as the due date for his talentless spawn second baby with Britney.
  • Lastly, run and hide,, alligators across the world. Beyonce is coming – and she’ll tape your mouth shut!