Red, White & Duff: Hilary Honors Troops With Free Show

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Singer / actress / virginal tease Hilary Duff took the stage of Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C., last night, performing a free concert to support and honor America's military families.

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The multi-platinum recording artist and movie star, perhaps best known for her role in A Cinderella Story, performed in the the North Carolina town that is host to Fort Bragg. The concert was aptly titled "Hilary Duff Rocks for the Troops."

Those in attendance were either military members themselves, or those with military family members. In the past, Duff has made sure blocks of tickets were designated for military families at her shows. This time, she decided this time to perform just for them.

Duff, 18, met with a select group of military families before the show, snapping pictures and shaking hands. More than 7,000 people attended the concert.

"I think she understands, or at least wants to try to understand, the sacrifices soldiers and their families make," said Cynthia Ivins, who brought her two children, Morgan (13) and Denise (9), to the concert.

Hilary is also involved with several charities, and a noted animal rights enthusiast. She is a member of Kids with a Cause" and last year donated more than $250,000 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She recently got an editing gig, too. Is there anything this starlet can't do? Besides guys? Eh?

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