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It’s a bittersweet week for David Hasselhoff. First, the former lifeguard rewarded an 11-year old with $1 million for winning America’s Got Talent.

Then, however, the annoucement was made that the Hoff and his wife of 17 years, Pamela Bach, are officially divorced. The couple has two daughters, Taylor-Ann, 16, and Hayley, 13.

The Hollywood Gossip

TMZ reports the duo will use the family piggy bank to cover a wealth of expenses, from vet bills to paying their well-compensated gardener.

Also being paid for out of the community pot: the bachelor pad Hasselhoff is renting for $10,900 a month, Bach’s mortgage, the gardener’s fee of $740 a month, security and pet expenses, their daughters’ tuition payment of $24,590, as well as the $1,333.97 monthly payments that go towards Bach’s Mercedes.

It’s nice to see these kids getting along well, despite their marital differences. Perhaps Paul McCartney and Heather Mills should be taking notes.