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Ok, so Charles Stapley didn’t continually scream that phrase into a phone and follow it with, “I love black people!” But his point wasn’t very different from that in Jerry Maguire.

The step-father of Heather Mills, Stapley believes Heather is entitled to 200 million pounds of husband Paul McCartney’s money.

Mills is reportedly going after a quarter of McCartney’s fortune, but Stapley doesn’t believe that makes Heather a gold-digger. What publication would ever use that term to describe this former call girl?

“People are blinded by the sheer size of the money. But that doesn’t make her evil. Why should £200million be considered excessive if a man has £800million?” Stapley asked. “Why should the size of the settlement be held against her? Why should she be branded a gold-digger?

“She didn’t beg him to marry her. He was quite grown-up when he married her – he was 61 or something.”

The man sort of makes a point. It’s probably the same one Mills’ famous lawyer will use as the divorce carries on.

Heather has not spoken to Charles since 1989 when Heather’s mother Beatrice died and Heather married her first husband Alfie Karmal.