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Love Simon Cowell or hate him, you’ve gotta admit this: people love his shows.

We’re not even talking about American Idol, although a few million fans seem to enjoy that program, too. It’s Cowell’s latest brain child, America’s Got Talent, that has the nation buzzing. The cantakerous Brit has even been shocked by such success.

“To be honest, we were not expecting it to do as well as it did,” he told the New York Post.

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Some of the show’s popularity may be due to German favorite and ex-Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff. Simon hopes he can convince Kit’s former owner to return as a judge, despite the fact that the Hoff has said he was only going to do the gig for one season.

“I like this panel, I think they’re going to get more interesting,” Simon said of Hasselhoff, Brandy, and Piers Morgan.

Of course, being an Idol judge himself, Cowel admits he’s seen some acts on his own show that make him wish he were the one passing his own brand of bombastic judgment.

“It’s been very tempting,” says Cowell. “There have been times when I’ve watched the show and thought to myself, ‘God I wish I was judging this.'”

America’s Got Talent ends tomorrow with the crowning of a $1 million winner – but expect it to return in the future.