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So, Laguna Beach last night? OMG. There sure was a ton of — for lack of a better word — drama. Let’s break it down.

Tessa seems like she’s over the whole Chase thing, at least while the dude is off tending to band emergencies or whatever he does. Aren’t these kids in school? Does no one in the city of Laguna Beach have to do anything a normal person does? Doesn’t he know his band is not good? Whatever.

Good to see Cameron all but denying his relationship with Jessica in true player fashion. You don’t want the kids at school to know you’re hooking up with the pathetic, already-graduated girl who can’t give up the reality TV lifestyle.

Laguna Beach SqueezeOC Launch Party Ic
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EARTH TO JESSICA: Your classmates, such as Kristin Cavallari, have moved on. Do the same, for your own sake.

In Cameron’s case, he knows exactly what the dilly be. Older women are usually good for your cred… just not this one.

The biatch posse, Cami (above) and Kyndra, were in full force last night, crashing Rocky’s party. As they drove to the party to which they were not invited, Kyndra scoffed that Rocky “better not think” she can do the same to her parties, girlfriend!

Let’s recap the party-crashing drama so far this season:

  1. Kyndra invites Tessa to her BBQ.
  2. Kyndra tweaks when she shows up with a posse.
  3. Rocky invites Cami and Kyndra to Tessa’s surprise B-day.
  4. They complain about the invitations themselves, but show up anyway, then cut out of that piece early.

Which brings us to last night, with Rocky having the sense not to invite the terrible twosome and them going anyway.


Naturally, it took about four seconds before Cami was all like “I’ve never been this pissed off in my life.” And Kyndra was all like “My Christmas party’s gonna be so much better than this.”

Kyndra confronted a girl who was supposedly talkin’ $h!te about her, the b!tch denied everything, Rocky tried to mediate, and then the Evil Ones were so outta there, dragging Cameron with them, of course.

The next day’s analysis had it that Cami and Kyndra’s move was really not cool, according to the Rocky camp. Cami, meanwhile, bashed Rocky’s wardrobe yet again, even though we felt that Tessa and Rocky’s Santa hats were super cute, and who else can get away with that look besides cute high school girls?

We can only imagine what will transpire a week from now, but Cami is clearly shaping up to be the source of all evil on Laguna Beach.

Let’s talk about parents for a second. They sure are around a lot more this season than in previous seasons, no? First, Rocky took off on her date, leaving Tessa home with Rocky‘s parents to watch Cinderella Man.

Then, there’s Kyndra’s mom, who can’t be a real person. No one’s mom acts like this. The obvious botox, form-fitting sweatsuits, giving love advice and giggling along with teen gossip make her seem more like a caricature to T.H. Gossip.

The next night, Kyndra didn’t miss a chance to climb all over Cameron when he showed up at her place. One random girl at the party whispered, “Oh, God, she’s creeping on Cameron again,” whatever that means. At the same time, Cami was still going on and on and on about Rocky’s LAME party in another room at this.

Karma struck Kyndra, however, when Cameron took off early to see Jessica, who’s clearly his girlfriend, whether or not he admits it to his friends.

On their date, they were actually kinda cute for half a second, until the wet blanket asked, “Would you be sad if I died?”

Cameron’s reply: “I’d probably just call up Kyndra.”

That’s all for this week on Laguna Beach. Catch the show (and our recap) again next week!