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That’s right, Shakira. You don’t have a monopoly on attractive, truth-telling body parts. Kristin Cavallari apparently wants people to stare at her chest (twist T.H. Gossip’s arm) because she wants to get something off it.

The 19-year-old former Laguna Beach star is SO over her ex-boyfriend — to the point where she’s been out and about in L.A. sporting a t-shirt that reads: YOU CAN HAVE HIM.

It’s an obvious reference to Nicole Richie, who’s apparently been hooking up with on-again, off-again Cavallari beau Brody Jenner.

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“She has completely moved on, and that says it all,” a pal of Kristin says. “She has had that shirt forever and finally had a reason to wear it.”

Huh? Who just has clothes like that sitting around, we’re not sure. Then again, who breaks up with Kristin Cavallari and then slums it with Nicole Richie? Not a lot makes sense here.

Despite a rumored awkward encounter between the two at Brody’s 23rd birthday party last week, Kristin says there’s no bad blood with the emaciated she-goblin.

“Kristin thinks Nicole is really nice and is friendly with her,” says a source.

Jenner offered his own tongue-in-cheek take on the T-shirt’s message.

“I’m guessing she’s talking about her dog, Bentley, which she left at my house months ago,” he said. “I’m happy to have him.”

Rumors that Lindsay Lohan was spotted rocking a similar t-shirt, which reads I’M ALL EVERYONE’S, are already flying.