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As she arrived at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday, the beautiful Kristin Cavallari was asked what advice she would give to the new cast of Laguna Beach, the MTV reality show that made her famous.

“Just be yourself. Have fun with it. That’s what I did and I had a great time,” she said.

What does the former Laguna Beach star and current up and coming actress think of all the attention she has been getting in the gossip magazines?

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“It’s really cool. It’s really flattering,” said Kristin, who may or may not be back together with Brody Jenner — we can never keep track. “But I really want to be taken seriously as an actress, so I hope my movies come out soon.”

Below are some pictures of Kristin Cavallari from the Teen Choice Awards Sunday. As usual, the 19-year-old was looking not unattractive. Chances are she cut out before the after-party so she didn’t have to pretend she liked the Kevin Federline performance.