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Here’s a fantasy thought: If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … does Paris Hilton ever have to leave?

in City can keep the pathetic excuse for a human being singer – especially after it bestowed an honor upon her yesterday. For some reason (i.e. alcohol), the Las Vegas mayor deemed August 29, 2006 as Paris Hilton Day. He then gave the spoiled brat keys to the city, as pigs flew overheard and Hell got a whole lot colder.

Carter Reum, Wife
(Getty Images)

Hilton proclaimed her love for Vegas saying it’s her “favorite place in the world to come to party.” And we know there are A LOT of locations from which she can choose.

Meanwhile, at least one group has the right idea about this man merry-go-round. “The OK Go Away Paris Hilton Apparatus” is a comedy/pop/death-metal group with a mission to permanently banish Paris from the spotlight.

The Gossip would like to give them a key to the Internet.

They’re hoping to get enough attention that the lodging heiress herself acknowledges that her five years and 15 minutes of fame are up.

That should happen as soon as Laguna Beach dedicates an episode to helping the homeless.

Over 1,400 people apparently feel similarly to this band, at least – they’ve already listened to the song on