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It’s on the cover of Us Weekly; therefore, it’s official:

Vince Vaughn has proposed to his girlfriend of one year, Jennifer Aniston.

“They’re engaged!” a friend of the couple’s tells Us, adding, “Vince almost cries whenever he tells the story of the proposal.”

Jennifer Aniston at SAGs
(Getty Images for Turner)

That wuss. What would Wedding Crashers alter ego, Jeremy Grey, say about that? That motor boatin son of a bitch …

The magazine goes into detail about just how Vaughn popped the question. On June 27, the couple returned home on a private Gulfstream jet to L.A. after a romantic, nine-day vacation at Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis’ $25 million coastal retreat near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Naturally.

The actor then took Boyz II Men’s advice and got down on bended knee. He asked for Aniston’s hand in marriage … while pulling out a substantial diamond ring.

“He was going to propose on the beach during the trip, but he chickened out because he wasn’t sure if she would accept,” says a source. “But he knew he was leaving town [to film Into the Wild in South Dakota] for awhile, so he just felt he had to ask her before they landed.”

Now? The woman who lost her man AND her role to Angelina Jolie has a second chance at love. Or third, if you count Ross Geller.