Serious New Role For Vince Vaughn

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Known for humorous roles, Vince Vaughn might be taking on a part with a little more weight in the near future. Director Paul Haggis wants to appoint the actor to his hot-button political drama Against All Enemies, the film version of Richard Clarke's Washington memoir.

Vince Vaughn UK 'The Break Up' premiere

No offer has been made to the Wedding Crashers star as of yet, as Columbia Pictures is still fine-tuning the film's budget, but the director has had discussions with Vaughn about filling the role of the FBI's John O'Neill.

Interestingly, Sean Penn, who recently cast Vaughn in his drama Into the Wild, has been widely reported to be on board to play Clarke.

The film chronicles how the Bush administration handled the al-Qaida threat both before and after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The former U.S. terrorism czar's story offers an insider's account of the nation's security apparatus and the maneuvers of Washington power brokers.

Haggis, a longtime writer whose directorial debut was last year's Oscar-winning Crash, is supervising scribe James Vanderbilt as he pens the second draft of the screenplay based on the 2004 book.

Vaughn is currently onscreen opposite fiancee Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up, which has earned more than $114 million domestically to date.


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Vince Vaughn UK 'The Break Up' premiere
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