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Phew. We weren’t the only ones that thought Jessica Simpson looked less than ideal in a picture from a couple weeks ago.

Also in agreeance? The Teen Choice Awards hostess herself.

“I have been working out five days a week for two hours a day,” Simpson, 26, said after the show.

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The result of such focus? Eight pounds lost in two weeks! That’s like two Mischa Bartons!

“There are no tricks,” the size-2 star said. “There is no easy way.”

Ashlee, finger in mouth, may disagree with her older sister. And, of course, workouts alone haven’t whittled the waistline of Simpson, who wears size 26 jeans. The singer has revamped her diet as well.

She was once a devotee of the Zone Diet and South Beach Diet, but will now gladly sink her teeth into a nice slab of meat at any time – and, no, Lindsay Lohan, that doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Simpson also follows a junkfood-free regime created by her trainer Mike Alexander.