Can You See Me Now? Barton and Richie Compare Barely Noticeable Bodies

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Hey, anorexic kids, here's a fun game to try at home or on the beach: find a similarly slight friend, stand by side by side and see if anyone walking by can actually see you.

Check out Nicole Richie and new pal, Mischa Barton, to get an idea of how it goes:

Mischa Photo
Nic Richie

Extra points are rewarded to those that can locate boobs on Barton.

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Nicole Richie is the daughter of... wait, where did she go? Nicole? Hello? Anybody hear us? Oh, there you are - almost lost sight of... More »
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He is a good man, he is cool. He is just a great person overall.

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Nicole Richie: I’m 26. I’ve definitely had a very eventful year. So right now, it’s about me enjoying my time with my daughter. I want five children: twin boys and three girls. I’ve wanted that since I was a little girl.