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The New York Post reports that Britney Spears recently sold her Manhattan apartment for $4 million, after buying it for $3 million in 2002. That’s a nice ROI, Brit. Good job. That means return on investment.

It was put on the market back in 2004 for $6 million, and remained unsold until Spears lowered her asking price, which is what we are seeing a lot of in today’s turbulent housing market, with mortgage rates on the rise across the U.S. The eight-room condo with three bedrooms, 13-ft ceilings, working fireplaces, a large rooftop terrace and a solarium, was previously owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and then hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Sources say the apartment has not been used in some time. Britney currently lives in Malibu, Calif., with deadbeat husband Kevin Federline and their baby son Sean Preston. She is reportedly renovating her mother’s house in Kentwood, Louisiana, prompting speculation that she may be moving home.

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The pregnant pop princess has not been having a good time lately, and that includes how she perceives herself, she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Sure, she stripped and appeared buck ass naked on the cover, displaying her pregnant figure for all the world to see. But Spears says she just doesn’t feel beautiful a lot of the time.

“It was weird for me at first because of who I am. Wherever you go, they expect you to look a certain way. I’m not supposed to be this big huge pregnant superstar,” she said.

Britney vowed to get back in shape immediately after Sean Preston‘s little sibling is born. Hopefully she hires a better stylist, a team of shrinks and a new PR organization as well.