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First, we learn that the cast of The O.C. might be (mercifully) closing up shop. Now, reports say Britney Spears is serious about leaving California as well — and is planning a return home to her native Louisiana.

Convinced that her hectic lifestyle in Malibu is taking its toll, Brit is reportedly in the process of moving back to Kentwood, La., and has been upgrading her mother Lynne’s house so she can move back in.

The town, which can be found in the northeast part of the state, right off of Exit 57 on Interstate 55, near the Mississippi state line, would be thrilled to have its native daughter back.

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“She wants to come home,” Mayor Harold Smith said. “She’s building more rooms for her growing family. She wants a nursery and some kids’ rooms.”

Britney is spending $200,000 to renovate the house in Kentwood where road rage queen Lynne Spears resides. She is also scouring the Louisiana real estate market, looking to buy a second home specifically for deadbeat husband Kevin Federline to stay in if the increased in-law interactions intensely irritate him.

Seriously. We didn’t make that up, although we did add awful alliteration.

“He likes Lynne but doesn’t like her getting involved in their relationship,” a source told InTouch Weekly.

Moreover, Spears has reportedly met with an OB-GYN in nearby Baton Rouge to discuss having a Caesarian section there when her second baby arrives in September. In case you haven’t heard, the pop star is pregnant again, less than a year after birthing little Sean Preston. Don’t believe us? We have the Britney Spears nude, pregnant pics to prove it.