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Hollywood starlets love their Taco Bell. Check out this picture taken of a pregnant Britney Spears leaving the Bell near her Malibu home, as shown on

Brit is apparently feeding Sean Preston‘s unborn brother a steady diet of chalupas and Nachos Bellgrande. What a lucky fetus. But the lovely Mrs. Federline is certainly not the only celeb who can’t get enough of the disgusting fast food joint.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Paris Hilton confessed her love for the Nachos Bellgrande to photographers on more than one occasion, while her Simple Life cohort, Nicole Richie was known to make a late night run for the border — before she stopped eating and morphed into an extraterrestrial goblin freak, of course.

Speaking of mexican food, the Gossip is willing to bet that Lindsay Lohan’s new boyfriend, Harry Morton, has been scarfing down his share of the pink taco lately — if you know what we mean. We mean that he owns the Pink Taco restaurant chain, with locations in California, Las Vegas and beyond.