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You can’t eat just one Pringle – and you can’t just make one movie with Scarlett Johansson. Most of us are familiar with the former, while one famous actor is emphasizing the latter.

Hugh Jackman, who met Johansson while filiming the latest Woody Allen movie, Scoop, would love to make another film with the Reebok beauty. He’d prefer it to be a musical.

“She’s just very funny, very quick and she’s a pure delight. I have to say she’s an amazing singer. We used to sing a lot off camera,” Wolverine said.

Scarlett Johansson on Screen

He would know. Reportedly, the pair amused each other during down time by cranking out show tunes. Jackman has won a Tony Award for his role in The Boy From Oz.

“She’s particularly amazing for a young girl, loves the old standards – Rodgers and Hammerstein, Rodgers and Hart, Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra; that kind of era,” Jackman said.

Such overwhelming musical props from such an established source should help Johannson feel better about her second place finisher as the world’s best kisser. The Gossip would love to find out if that ranking is deserved, but can maybe look forward to a musical collaboration in the meantime.

“We also talked about doing a movie musical together. So hopefully that’ll happen one day,” added Jackman.