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It’s unlikely the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills divorce will end well.

Although Sir Paul initially had no worries that Heather married him for money, fears have arisen that the former sex slave has become a gold digger after she declined a 30 million pound settlement in exchange for a quick divorce.

Paul McCartney Plays
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Heather initially suggested she would agree to a “quick and painless” divorce to avoid getting embroiled in a public battle for the sake of their daughter, Beatrice, but has evidently changed her mind.

In related news, “quick and painless” runs counter to the ways Mills preferred her bedroom shanningans.

A supposedly close friend of McCartney’s told The Sunday Mirror: “Paul is a reasonable guy who doesn’t like confrontation. He wanted to keep the divorce quick and amicable for the sake of Beatrice – but feels Heather is being difficult and trying to drag things outs.”

“In his eyes they had agreed they wanted to make the divorce quick and painless and a settlement was virtually in place – but then Heather started getting unreasonable because she wanted more money.”

Hey, Paul, don’t say Kanye West didn’t warn you.

A source close counters. She says no settlement was offered, let alone refused: “There has been no financial offer … she is outraged by the suggestion she’s a money-grabber.”

An ass grabber, though? Well, there’s can’t be much to deny there.

“Paul has always been tight with his money towards her. She was having to pay the mortgage on their home where she was based until a few months ago. She even went on chat shows to raise money to pay staff, people like her secretary. This is likely to form part of her counter-claim,” the friend said.

Well, then. Looks like we can look forward to many twists and turns in this divorce case.

Another friend of McCartney’s thinks the issue isn’t money, but prestige:

“Heather loves being Lady McCartney. It has given her power and influence … For example, she’s met many of the major world leaders … and has become a world famous celebrity on the back of it. And she is terrified that when she returns to being plain Heather Mills all that will be lost.”

Have no worries, Heather. Based on certain photos the universe has seen, you’ll never be plain again.