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That couch-jumping, finger-pointing and chemical imbalance-bashing psycho, Tom Cruise, has drawn the ire of many Americans over the past year.

But there’s no doubting his bottom line.

According to Forbes‘ annual “Celebrity 100 Power List,” which ranks famous people based on earnings and overall buzz, Cruise is still the world’s #1 star. The actor earned a reported $67 million last year alone, generating headlines every step of the way and making his way to the top of Forbes’ decidedly unscientific rankings of TV, film, music and sports stars.

Tom Cruise in 2015
Photo via Getty Images

“It’s what kind of currency does the star’s name have,” editor Lea Goldman said. “It’s increasingly important how they are perceived both in industry circles and commercial circles, and this list represents who has cachet in both arenas.”

Cruise became the only celebrity to top the list twice, having reached the pinnacle in 2001.

“He’s one of the few guaranteed bankable stars. No one in Hollywood can negotiate the kind of salary he gets,” Goldman said.

In terms of raw earnings, Tom’s $67M did not win out. But in terms of raw pain? He’s a hands down victor. Dismissive comments about postpartum depression and Brooke Shields, a passion for Scientology and a whirlwind romance with Katie Holmes all made Cruise the most talked-about celebrity of the year by far.

Which is sad, because hard-working, under-appreciated standouts such as Britney Spears really need to get more attention.